O wydziale - Dean's Office

Dean's Office

Staff of the Dean's Office:

Head of the Dean's Office:  Barbara Choszcz M.Sc. Eng.
tel. 89 523 39 93; e-mail choszcz@uwm.edu.pl

- coordinates the work of subordinate employees,
- conducts matters related to doctoral and habilitation proceedings,
- conducts matters related to the employment of employees (competitions) for scientific and research positions,
- maintains documentation regarding:
                           -  meetings of the Dean's Council and the Disciplinary Council,
                           -  applications for awards and state decorations of Faculty employees,
                           -  evaluation of academic teachers,
- cooperates with the Dean in the field of:
                           -  preparation of evaluation materials,
                           -  distribution of funds,
- handles matters related to granting consent to conduct experiments on animals,
- responsible for organizing departmental celebrations.

Senior specialist: Monika Bulc, M.A.
tel. 89 523 34 40; e-mail monika.bulc@uwm.edu.pl

- handles administrative matters related to the course of studies: passing semesters and registering for a new semester, granting dean's leaves, directing students to repeat,
- handles formalities related to the transfer of students from and to other universities, reactivation,
- accounts graduates for the entire period of study,
- handles formalities related to issuing diplomas,
- handles matters related to studying under the Erasmus program,
- issues certificates regarding the duration of studies, necessary to determine the initial capital,
- conducts matters related to reporting in the field of teaching.

Specialist: Sabina Manista
tel. 89 523 34 40 e-mail sabina.manista@uwm.edu.pl

- handles matters related to the granting of financial assistance to students (social scholarships, allowances) as well as scholarships for academic results and scholarships from the Ministry of Science and Higher Education,
- handles matters related to calculating fees for repeating subjects,
- prepares payment agreements,
- issues study certificates,
- handles formalities related to issuing diploma supplements,
- registers students for health insurance,
- keeps records of the dean's office inventory,
- handles matters related to reporting on financial aid for students.

Specialist: Małgorzata Żukowska, Eng.
tel. 89 523 34 40 e-mail malgorzata.zukowska@uwm.edu.pl

- handles matters related to doctoral studies within the scope of studies,
- handles matters related to the granting of financial assistance to doctoral students (social scholarships, allowances) and scholarships for academic results,
- issues study certificates,
- handles matters related to reporting,
- handles matters related to issuing student ID cards and extending their validity,
- cooperates with the representative for internships in matters related to the organization of student internships,
- conducts medical examinations of students,
- issues study certificates.